Afromasai Eastern Safaris is one of the best Tanzania Safari tours and companies. We offer tailor-made and scheduled safari throughout Tanzania, being located in Tanzania’s tourist hub ARUSHA ‘Geneva of Africa, this unique position affords us the ability to be experts in our field.

Our passion is providing authentic and unforgettable adventures that create memorable experiences that will stretch your mind beyond this dimension. It’s the reason why we run tours to the most breathtaking destinations in Tanzania and East Africa.

Being good listeners and paying meticulous attention to itineraries is at the heart of our old-school approach to services, taking time to know you, we can tailor your vacation, filling it with extraordinary experiences, that’s when we become your travel partner, the co-creator of your journey.

Our friendly guides are your expert eyes and ears who will help translate and explain what you see while in the wilderness, they are passionate about sharing the broad knowledge of the land they know and love. They are competent, and flexible in making your dream adventure come true.

Meet the Team At Afromasai Eastern Safaris

Afromasai Eastern Safaris was founded by a nature passionate and nature enthusiast, who first realized his passion in tourism after guiding a group of volunteer tourists around his city in his teen years. His never-ending pursuit and interest in nature and tourism, drove him to study wildlife management and tourism at one of Africa’s most esteemed wildlife colleges in Tanzania while donating his time, and knowledge in a wildlife sanctuary in Moshi. His interest in tourism and exploration grew as he travelled and engaged in various activities, from captivating Maasai cultural tours, and trekking the challenging Mt. Kilimanjaro to tracking the Great Migration in the Serengeti and Masai Mara. His touristic interests expanded beyond Tanzania, to trekking with the Mountain Gorillas of Uganda, to experiencing magical landscapes such as the Victoria Falls and Devils Pool of Zimbabwe.

Love of nature and exploration is the reason we choose to share the adventurer’s spirit & feel through Afromasai Eastern Safaris.


To give our guests a comprehensive insider look at the places they have dreamed of exploring.


To be a pioneer leader in the adventure travel industry by delivering top-notch travel services to our clients. Through travelling with us you’ll be supporting a Tanzanian local business, thus helping support job security in the community. Our company believes in strong corporate social responsibility and we support many communities’ development projects in Tanzania. Our experienced and dedicated team will always go the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience “Come as a client and leave as a friend.”


  • Travel to learn: Travel is the best way to learn about the world, and our tours make it easy to get to the heart of the destination and experience new adventures.
  • Adventures for everyone: Our packages are customized to suit every type of traveller, whether you want to go solo or on a group adventure. Where and however, you want to go in Tanzania, Afromasai Eastern Safaris will take you. We operate all over Tanzania’s touristic circuits i.e. (Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western circuits).
  • Tailor your own dream trip: We offer a wide range of itineraries and destinations, but if you can’t find your perfect trip don’t stress! We can customize your trip to fit your budget and time frame, from the simplest of routes to the most unique and specialized itineraries.
  • Support at every step: Your happiness is our priority, Afromasai Eastern Safaris allows easy travel with an expert and dedicated customer service team. We give you the confidence to push your limits and go where you have never been before.
  • Our guides: Knowing that guides make safaris either enjoyable or boring, we at Afromasai Eastern Safaris built a dedicated team of guides that we proudly say are the best of the best, professionally and experience-wise.