Applicable to all Visitors

All prices are based on prevailing at the time of publication of the price list. This can change without notice. However, once a holiday has been paid for we will guarantee the price, unless it is subsequently affected by the Government action or other influence beyond the control of Afromasai Eastern Safaries Clients will be informed as quickly as possible in case of this eventuality.

Your booking request has to be made in writing and a 45% deposit is required (If you are doing a Budget Camping Safari) and if you are doing a Lodge/Luxury Tented Camp 50% deposit is required. The balance is not later than 35 days before the tour begins. Notwithstanding any prior confirmation arrangements, the right is reserved not to execute a tour if the payments have not been received in accordance with the foregoing.

In the event of cancellations, a notice of which should be given in writing, the deposit may be refunded minus the charges for reservations that have been processed, a cancellation fee posed by the hotels/campsites/lodges/Special Camp fees and transporters, and any other relevant expenses. If cancellation is received within 25/30 days of the commencement of the tour, a cancellation fee of 0% of the total land arrangements will be charged. And the charge of 30% if cancelation is made within 7/10 days of commencement. We recommend that you purchase full trip cancellation insurance.

Rates include all the expenses in connection with the vehicle and driver/guide for the itinerary as set out, hotel accommodation with full board table hotel meals while on safaris (arrangements are on a full board basis while on safari unless otherwise stated), all government hotel taxes, hotel services charges, and game drives as applicable to the itinerary and all the entry fee except where these are specifically quoted separately in the price list are included. Not included are any departure taxes, visas, gratuities (other than service charges), beverages, laundry, and other personal expenses. All rates are based on standard rooms or tents unless specified. Triples and singles are not guaranteed. Special room types carry extra supplements.

Wherever possible, we book rooms with private baths throughout on the basis of two people sharing the room. Single rooms or rooms with a private bath cannot be guaranteed.

A Safari four-wheel drive vehicle will be provided according to the route and the number of participants. The right is reserved to employ the service of a subcontractor. English/French/Spanish/German/Italy speaking drivers/guides are provided.

Alteration to Tours:
The right is reserved to change any route or arrangement should the conditions necessitate, as is the right to offer substitutes of equal value or to cancel the operation of any scheduled tour. The right is also reserved to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of any tour at any time in which an equitable amount will be refunded.

Rerouting Safari:
Afromasai Eastern Safaries very seldom will reroute Safaris. This is due to room availability and Special Campsite availability. When this happens clients will be informed as far in advance as possible. Afromasai Eastern Safaries Ltd and its agents act only as the agents of the passenger in all matters relating to accommodation, meals, tours, and transportation of any type, and shall not be held responsible for inconvenience or commission of service, injury, delay, loss or damage from any cause in any manner, however, including weather, machinery breakdown, labor disputes, civil disturbances, and government orders Afromasai Eastern Safaries are insured against legal liabilities arising from injuries which may be incurred by the passenger in its own vehicles, subject only to the jurisdiction of the courts of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

From wild animals is minimal on safari as most creatures avoid direct contact with humans unless threatened. Respect the advice of your guide who is experienced with the environment and has your best interest and safety at heart. Believe it or not, the most dangerous animal you are likely to encounter in Tanzania is the mosquito!

There is a variety of food. You’ll find international cuisine in the hotels, restaurants, and lodges. On the coast, fish, and lobsters with local dishes such as Biryanis and meat or fish curries. Specialties: Spices tea or coffee and “Halua”, a sweet dessert with almonds. Drink only boiled or bottled water.

Afromasai Eastern Safaries: We recommend that you have fully comprehensive personal insurance for any and every eventuality!!